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Site status: Friday 15th June 07
Check the updates page for any new additions.


Please, instead upload them to your own webspace. If you don't have your own webspace, there are plenty of free sites that allow hotlinking.

Use the links to the left to navigate the site. If you use any of the animations from this site, please link back to the original artists, which should be listed with each animation. If an animation is uncredited, it's because I have a memory like a sieve and can't remember where I found it. If you know where an animation is from, or are the artist, please let me know so that I can either credit the artist or remove the animation as per their wishes. A link back to this site is not required to use the animations archived here, except in the case of the dollz, which I created. If you would like to link back to this site, please use this address: Please don't link directly to the animations, as it uses up my bandwidth, which causes temporary downtime for the site. More about bandwidth issues here.
Thank you. :)

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If you can't find a category listed on the left for the type of animation you're looking for, check out the sitemap / subcategory listing page, as each section has further subcategories that might include the one you're looking for. (For example music, which can be found in household items - yes, my filing system is odd, I know. :)

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The animations hosted on this site were not created by me,
and I claim no rights to them. No profit is being made.

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