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Animations --> Dollz ---> Dollz FAQ

How do you make dollz?
In the past, I used online dollmakers, (links to some very good ones are on the links page) but now I draw them myself using Animation Shop 3, which comes with Paint Shop Pro7. (Any paint program can be used though, just remember to save your dollz as gif's, as it keeps the transparency & the colours remain true, unlike if it's saved as a jpg, where the colours all blur together.) There are many tutorials online for making your own dollz, just do a search for the kind you're looking for.

Can I have a custom made doll(s)?
I'm sorry, but I've decided to stop making custom made dollz, I was getting too many requests and I just don't have the time to spend on it any more. I may however start making them again in the future, and will put a notice up here when I do. :)

Can I adopt any of your dollz for my site?
Sure, just drop me a mail to let me know where they're going, and include a link back to my site on the page you have the doll on, and you're welcome to use any dollz you like :)

Where do you get your bases/props/heads?

Some bases come from online dollmakers, the links to some of them are on my links page. Some base parts are modified (recoloured with permission according to their creators terms of use) from original dollz sites which offered their bases, any of which should have links to their site of origin nearby. (Any that are uncredited are due to my sieve-like memory, if you know where a base originated and I don't have it credited, please drop me a mail with the site address so that I can credit the artist.) Most other bases/props/heads (inc all media themed dollz) are drawn by me.

Your specific query not answered here? Then feel free to drop me a mail with your question.

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